Regional Conference - Urban Forestry - MANAUS

March 01, 2018 à March 03, 2018

The Environment Secretaries of the northern capital cities met in Manaus at the beginning of March 2018 to attend the 17th Regional Conference of the Forum of Secretaries of Environment of the Brazilian Capital Cities (CB27), promoted by the City of Manaus through its Department of the Environment and Sustainability (Semmas). The event, whose topic was Urban Forestry - Regional Strategy, will begin on March 1, with the presence of environmental officials from the cities of Rio Branco, Boa Vista, Macapá, Belém, Porto Velho, and Palmas, as well as representatives of the Konrad Foundation Adenauer, a German non-governmental organization responsible for the coordination and creation of the forum.

The purpose was to promote the exchange of experiences in the area, with the presentation of works developed by both the City of Manaus and the other capital cities represented at the event, in addition to hearing the opinion of experts. The program included sessions on the urban interventions made by the City of Manaus through the projects "Arboriza Manaus" and "Ornamenta Manaus," which integrate the "Programa Manaus Verde e Viva," and the challenges faced.

Other topics covered included the management of protected areas, with the Sauim-de-Coleira Urban Ecological Corridor Project, a pioneering initiative by the City of Manaus to create the Sauim-de-Coleira Urban Ecological Corridor, the first of its kind in Brazil, designed considering the urban context of the country with the purpose of guaranteeing the conservation of a species threatened with extinction, and the Amazon Flora in the Urban Context, which will deal with the challenges of introducing species of the native flora of the Amazon in the urban area. The event also included speakers such as Aldenira Queiroz, Deputy Head of the City's Department of the Environment and Sustainability; Márcio Bentes, Director of Protected Areas of Semmas; Márcio Bentes; and Cid Ferreira, Professor and Researcher of the National Institute of Amazonian Research (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia, Inpa).